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In order to lay down its own cultural development strategy and related actions intended to enhance, innovateand promote its entire cultural system through well-established action priorities, Regione Puglia (the RegionalGovernment of Puglia) has started the construction of a strategic plan of culture for Puglia 2017-2025, PIIL –prodotto, identità, innovazione, impresa , lavoro (product, identity. Innovation, enterprise, work). Now, in linewith the content of the above strategic plan, Regione Puglia and TPP (Consorzio Teatro Pubblico Pugliese) havesubscribed to a collaboration agreement in a view to enhancing, revamping and promoting the system of culturalevents/activities and live shows with a special focus on the Puglia music system by providing music operators withthe right tools to expand and qualify cultural demand while upgrading their own offer by improving their artisticand professional capacities, as well as their position and competitiveness on both the national and theinternational music scene. This set of activities is intended to promote the “cultural system” and hence thetangible and intangible heritage of Puglia.These actions, which aim to “enhance territorial culture and creativity”, are funded by the FSC 2014-2020 – Pattoper la Puglia- Axis IV “Tourism, culture and enhancement of natural resources”The Puglia Sounds project , entirely focused on the development of the Puglia music system intends to designand deploy projects that involve the entire music chain ( from artists/performers to music managers/publisher, tobooking agencies, to publishers, to labels, to distribution, to communication, and music consumption) throughthe axis “Puglia Sounds Export” whose.

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